“There’s nothing worse than picking up the phone, recognizing a voice, but being unsure exactly where they’re from, and what they represent. The whole experience is, in fact, quite disconcerting, but with RefreshMe by your side ready to fill in the gaps, you can keep on top of all your incoming and outgoing calls.” – Redmondpie, Ben Reid – full review link

“RefreshMe allows you to refresh your memory at the crucial point just before you start a phone conversation” – The Next Web, Paul Sawers – Full review link

“We all passed: see our phone call and completely forget the conversation. Why are we called? What was it we had to do? For Android users, this will not present a problem, since a brand new application called RefreshMe will provide us with all this information and more when needed. We no longer have to rely on memory to organize our work and personal life in our mobile.” – (in Spanish) bitelia, Bárbara Pavan ,  Full review link

“RefreshMe is one of those Android apps that makes you wonder why they didn’t include it with the cell phone as standard issue in the first place.” – Feedmyapp – full review link Add instant memory recall to your Android business tools

“App Deals Of The Day” – Gizomodo , Ellay Hart – Full list

“This should be a integrated feature in every Android device. Makes keeping track of a busy life with many regular contacts a breeze.” – Richard Ryan Grove

“I wanted this app since I have many people that I talk with daily and I always want to know when the last time we were in contact was and what did we discuss. This is why we developed this app.” – Yoni Kahana

“Are you familiar with the scenario that you are in a middle of a phone call and you suddenly need to write a note? Until now it has been complicated to do – either search quickly for pen and paper or try to remember it until you can write it down after the call finishes.  Even then you still must remember the context. Now I can do it while I am talking and connect this note to a specific phone call – this makes my life better!” – Raanan Nevet

“One time I was searching for an apartment and I had a lot of calls with different numbers. I couldn’t remember who was who or what we talked about because I had 4 or 5 apartments on my mind at any particular moment. This app would have helped me quickly make a note so that when we talked again I would remember what we discussed.” – Emil Cieslar

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