Q. How can RefreshMe provide the history of calls/sms if the person contacting me uses various numbers?

A. Refresh.me handles this situation great! It allows users to merge information from all numbers a single contact uses so that it may be reviewed in one stream.

Q. How can I add or edit Notes after a call?

A. There are 3 options for managing notes after a call:

  1. The note dialog that is available directly after a call.
  2. There is a notification in the notification area – if you click on it you will reopen the note dialog for the last call (this notification has a 2 min timeout).
  3. Open the app and select the specific contact – this will open the entire history of events with this contact and you can add or edit the note for any call event.

Q. Will RefreshMe work on all phones? Or “We want RefreshMe for iPhone”!

A. Currently RefreshMe only functions on Android devices. We are looking into other Mobile Platforms and iPhone was off course one of the first options but Apple iOS has a fundamental issue against letting applications access the resources needed to create RefreshMe.

Q. The call/SMS history hovers over the keypad, what can I do?

A. You are able to minimize the history dialog by clicking on the minimize button.

Q. Can I change the timeout of the Note dialog after a call?

A. Yes, You can do this trough the App Settings available by pressing the Menu button while in the App main screen and then Settings.

Q. How can I view the notes I have made?

A. Open Refresh.me and pull up your contact. You are then able to review the entire history with the person and edit your notes.

Q.  Will RefreshMe consume a lot of battery life?

A. No. The app only consumes battery power when it is open.

Q. Why do I see small ads (which require network permission) when I open the app?

A. Ads only appear in the free version. Needless to say, the ads help keep the staff fed.  To remove the ads buy the “Remove Ads Upgrade” from the Premium page (Menu -> Premium) and also support RefreshMe directly.

Q. What about privacy?

A. RefreshMe doesn’t send any of your private information over the network. Only app usage information is sent in order to improve your experience.

Q. Is there support for my app?

A. You can contact us and we will do our best to assist you with questions.

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