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RefreshMe is the app that gives you the perfect memory!
Download the RefreshMe app to see the call/sms history of the person contacting you. RefreshMe allows you to review all past calls/sms before placing a call or answering one.

Have you ever received an incoming call and wondered when your last phone conversation or text message was with the person? Did the number on your cell phone look familiar but you couldn’t place whose number it was and needed your memory refreshed? With RefreshMe that information is always at your fingertips.

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    Besides presenting a call/SMS history RefreshMe allows you to attach a note to the call history after or even during a call. For instance if a client calls and tells you they will contact again with the time or place of a next meeting, you have the option to make a note to that effect. When the client calls later your note about meeting details will be visible.

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    The RefreshMe history for each number whether a call or SMS appears chronologically in one combined information stream for easy review. Android displays calls/SMS for a limited time but with RefreshMe this vital information is available indefinitely.

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